GP: Destiny’s Child (circa 1999-2000)

February 12, 2010

NOTE: This is the first of my Guilty Pleasures segment, which will briefly look at a song, group or album I secretly enjoy.  No judging!  🙂

Yes, I’m happy to admit it.  Before I first heard the ladies of Destiny’s Child harmonize on, “Bills, Bills, Bills, ” off 1999’s The Writing On The Wall, I couldn’t believe it was possible to make a sound so unreal.  Subsequent singles like, “Say My Name, ” further showcased their talents, instantly placing them on my list of the most talented female groups I’d ever experienced.
However, time has not been kind to the group, who broke up a few years after 2001’s Survivor (which seemed to rehash everything we’d already heard without breaking any new ground) so the ladies could pursue their respective solo careers.  After a brief reunion in 2004 and the release of Destiny Fulfilled, the group seemed to live up to the album’s title and permanently disbanded in 2006.  Since then, frontwoman Beyonce Knowles has gone on to enjoy a massively successful career that has spawned impressive record sales, various awards and a high-profile relationship with Jay-Z, while the other two can easily live off Destiny’s Child’s royalties for many years to come.
However, nothing will ever compare to early DC, who still continue to capture my attention to this day.  Regarded by some as the next Supremes, their influence has already been heard in groups like 3LW and Dream, and will hopefully continue to inspire countless other acts as time goes by.


One Response to “GP: Destiny’s Child (circa 1999-2000)”

  1. sharyn Says:

    Love your blog, Brian! It’s so funny that you posted about DC. Earlier this week, out of nowhere, the song “Bugaboo” popped into my head and I was reminded of how much I loved early DC. Good times 🙂

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