GP: Forever

February 23, 2010

That rascally ol' Drake

The artist that would come to be known as Drake actually got his start on the Canadian teen serial Degrassi: The Next Generation (thank you Wikipedia), and has since then established himself as a formidable hip-hop/R&B talent in a crowded sea of other talented hip-hop/R&B artists.  “Forever, ” successfully combines staccato orchestra hits, huge beats and a weird siren noise, along with Drake’s diverse vocal range, which goes from melodic during the refrain to a style in the verses that sounds like P.  Diddy finally learning how to rap properly.  With guest appearances by Lil’ Wayne and Eminem, and that cocky opening line of, “Last name Ever, first name Greatest, ” it’s difficult to stop listening.  Furthermore, any song that can be performed at the Grammy Awards, suffer from CBS’ ever-present censor, and STILL come off as one of the standout performances of the evening, has to be doing something right.


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