GP: Anything by Boys Like Girls

February 26, 2010

Being an overall music fanatic, it’s presumably a good idea to be as diverse and accepting of as many different styles of music as possible.  I do believe I’ve managed to succeed for the most part in that regard, having gone from a strict rock ‘n roll diet to a bountiful buffet of not only rock, but also country, bluegrass, folk and many other genres that I may focus on in this blog at some point.

It is with this statement that I would like to continue furthering my musical range and profess my unwavering interest in powerpop/rock quartet Boys Like Girls.  These guys are probably best suited for the J-14/tween crowd, yet I find myself drawn to their unbelievably catchy songs.  We’re talking the most sugary, highly produced music you can think of, and I love it.

On their eponymous 2006 debut, the band enjoyed a wealth of album sales and a growing fanbase, thanks to the appeal of singles like, “Hero/Heroine, “ and, “The Great Escape.  “  2009 saw the release of their follow-up Love Drunk, which sets the tone immediately with the could’ve-been-an-N’SYNC-song, “Heart Heart Heartbreak, “ and the giant guitars/layered keyboards/backing vocals of the album’s title track.  Despite being labeled a bunch of heartthrobs by the masses, the group has managed to complete numerous tours with the likes of The All-American Rejects, Motion City Soundtrack, We The Kings and even Avril Lavigne, all the while teaming up with producers who might not necessarily cater to their genre (Brian Howes for Love Drunk, best known for his work with Hinder and Puddle of Mudd) and artists who perform a completely different genre altogether (country superstar Taylor Swift, who sings backup on, “Two Is Better Than One”).

I could go into further detail about the band and their music, analyzing their songs from the drums to the lyrics, but doing this to music that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously would be beyond silly.  It’s hard to care when you’re having so much fun.


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