Random song post, Volume 5

March 17, 2010

Please note: I’ve got a lot of songs I’d like to write about, too many to do in one sitting, so I’ll be dividing the list up into mini-posts over the next number of days.  However long it’ll take is how long it’ll take.  Capiche?

A few recently added songs to my iPod:

Bright Eyes – “At the Bottom of Everything” (I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, Saddle Creek, 2005): To be honest, I’m not going to try and interpret the words to this song, the first track off Bright Eyes’ more laid-back 2005 album I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning (as opposed to the darker, highly electronic-influenced Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, which was released around the same time).  The spoken word intro, during which frontman Conor Oberst recounts an airplane crash, is enough lyrical analysis for me, which then leads into the song itself, a folk/bluegrass-style tune that will instantly place a smile on the listener’s face.  It’s one of the few songs where I truly don’t case what the singer’s telling us-the music itself is far too catchy.  🙂

Songs I’d forgotten about, or overlooked, but now can’t stop listening to:

Ben Folds – “Fired” (Rockin’ the Suburbs, Epic, 2001): After shedding the other members of 90s buzz band Ben Folds Five in 2000, frontman Ben Folds released his debut solo effort Rockin’ the Suburbs in 2001, a solid album chock full of songs as diverse as the title track, which recalls the music of his previous band, to upbeat numbers like, “Fired, “ which throws in a bit of a jazz influence but still maintains a fun vibe throughout.   That piano solo is particularly a highlight-one can picture Folds just slamming the keys as hard as possible.  And it wouldn’t be a Ben Folds song without a curse or two, which ends the song before an energetic explosion of drums, bass and piano slams it to a halt.

Oasis – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” (Definitely Maybe, Creation, 1994): When Manchester-based Oasis released their debut Definitely Maybe in 1994, no one knew what the future held for these English ruffians, yet, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, “ the first track off the album, seemed to be a fitting introduction to the group, one that to this day is considered by many to be their finest moment.  Lyrics like, “I live my life for the stars to shine, people say it’s just a waste of time, “ and the anthemic choruses of, “Tonight I’m a rock n roll star, “ reach out to each and every musician with a dream, while Noel Gallagher’s guitar solo takes the song to a whole other level.  It’s a fine piece of work all around, from the bombastic drums to Liam Gallagher’s voice, and truly represented the beginning of the band’s illustrious career.


3 Responses to “Random song post, Volume 5”

  1. sharyn Says:

    Oh I love “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning” but haven’t listed to it in ages. Will be playing that soon!

  2. favabean1982 Says:

    I vastly prefer that album to Digital Ash. Have you ever listened to that one?

  3. sharyn Says:

    Agreed! Not really a fan of Digital Ash.

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