Random song post, Volume 6

March 18, 2010

Songs I’d forgotten about, or overlooked, but now can’t stop listening to:

Limbeck – “Everyone’s in the Parking Lot” (Let Me Come Home, Doghouse, 2005): With a light, alt-country feel that is boosted by low-key drums and guitars, along with frontman Robb MacLean’s pleasant voice, this song, much like most of Limbeck’s music, is the perfect addition to any summer soundtrack or road trip mix CD.

The Get Up Kids – “Stay Gone” (On A Wire, Vagrant, 2002): Most people dismissed this record as The Get Up Kids’ worst, as it represented a drastic change in sound helped in no small part by Scott Litt’s production (R.  E.  M.  , Nirvana).  Nevertheless, the album still featured a wealth of great songs, such as, “Stay Gone, “ which saw James Dewees’ synthesizer swapped for an organ and the guitars and drums toned down as well.  Additionally, frontman Matt Pryor’s voice has never sounded better, and all these elements mix together for a consistently great Get Up Kids tune from start to finish.

Saves The Day – “Shoulder to the Wheel” (Through Being Cool, Equal Vision, 1999): With Through Being Cool, Saves The Day’s second full-length, the band was finally able to shake off any comparisons that they were simply a rip-off of fellow New Jersey post-hardcore legends Lifetime and firmly establish their own sound, which was best demonstrated on, “Shoulder to the Wheel, “ the album’s flagship single.  It’s a fast, thrilling, powerful song that succeeds on many fronts, such as the pounding choruses with the layered gang vocals, and the fist-pumping drums with that snappy snare.


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