GP: “You Found Me”

March 30, 2010

The piano-centric Coldplay overtones present in The Fray’s music have managed to find an audience over the past several years, thanks mainly to hits like, “Over My Head (Cable Car), ” “How to Save a Life, ” and their cover of Kanye West’s, “Heartless, ” which became an unexpected hit for the band in 2009.  “You Found Me, ” the lead single off their 2009 album The Fray, continues their brand of soft rock while also managing to become incredibly catchy in the process-the piano keeps the song interesting, while the drums and guitars work well together to round out the instrumental sections of the song, never getting too out of hand while still showing a bit of creativity, such as the tempo change in the second verse, and the guitar swells in the chorus.  The lyrics, which frontman Isaac Slade have described almost as a general question as to where God might be in the midst of all the tragedy this planet is going through, are heartfelt and emotional, and fit well with his distinctive voice.


2 Responses to “GP: “You Found Me””

  1. Nick Says:

    You know how I know you’re gay?

    You did a blog post about The Fray

  2. favabean1982 Says:

    So, that would make me a fortunate homosexual, in the immortal words of Ricky Martin?

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