Jay-Z, you’ve done it again

April 1, 2010


Right before heading off to work yesterday, I happened to turn on the ol’ idiot box and quickly came upon a new Jay-Z video for a song I’d never heard (surprisingly, I was watching this clip on MTV, a channel where I thought music videos were outlawed as of late).


Off his recent release The Blueprint 3, “Young Forever, ” features one of the coolest uses of a sample I may have ever heard, in this case taken from the classic 80s jam, “Forever Young, ” by Alphaville (think the school dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite).  British recording artist Mr.  Hudson sings the Alphaville vocals, while Jay-Z fills in the gaps with some of the best rhymes he’s put out in years.  Produced by Kanye, “Temper Tantrum, ” West, the sampled riffs from the original song perfectly fits the overall mood and feel Jay-Z’s trying to convey, bringing to mind similar hits like 2Pacs, “Changes, ” which utilized Bruce Hornsby’s, “The Way It Is.  ”  Hard to believe this is the same guy who, ten years ago, gave us one of the most ridiculous songs ever conceived (yes, I’m referring to, “Big Pimpin'”).


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