One song. More to come.

June 11, 2010

So, it’s happened.  I allowed myself to neglect this blog for too long, and now I have a small, yet somewhat substantial list of songs I’d like to write about.  Shame on me.  As a way of gradually playing catch-up, in addition to not wanting to feel overwhelmed, I will, from this point forward (unless some other topic comes my way) review one song at a time until I’m done, at which point I’ll either go in a completely different direction or find something else to write about.  Something that involves music.  Any ideas?

Green Day – “Jesus of Suburbia” (American Idiot, Reprise, 2004)

Coming in at around 10 minutes in length, this sprawling track off Green Day’s blockbuster 2004 album American Idiot could quite easily be one of their best, and could almost stand on its own even if one were to discard the other 13 tracks that make up this landmark record (which would not be a good idea!).  With a variety of musical changes throughout the song that seem to reflect the best eras Green Day gave us, and an incredible ending that launches out of a quiet piano interlude, “Jesus of Suburbia, ” is really quite phenomenal.  The band has never sounded better, both in vocals and instrumentation, giving us yet another piece of music unlike anything we’d previously heard from these punk pioneers.


2 Responses to “One song. More to come.”

  1. Nick Says:

    Take back this entire post. You and I both know the past two Green Day records have been overblown pieces of shit that took the band away from the fantastic direction they were headed with Warning. Now instead I must suffer through their concept records where they stretch both lyrics and themes way too thin over the course of 80 boring minutes of uninspired alternative rock sounds.

  2. favabean1982 Says:

    I definitely agree Warning was/is an awesome record. Seriously great. “Church on Sunday, ” especially rocks. And I will also agree that the concept record mentality they’ve had since ’04 should definitely be altered in favor of a more Warning-type album. However, I can’t deny that there are a few gems on these albums (specifically American Idiot) and, “Jesus of Suburbia, ” in my opinion, would be one of them.

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