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Good Morning Internet

May 3, 2010

Again, my apologies for yet another blog posting delay.  Life gave me a lot of lemons last week and the process of making them into lemonade was exhausting.  I can, however, say that the lemonade is quite tasty and a drink I’m proud of.  Contact me if you have any desire to find out what that means.
Although I did promise some more music-centric posts on Foo Fighters and whatnot soon, I am going to be taking some time to work on a few documentaries for some friends of mine, which I’m quite excited about and am looking forward to getting online shortly.
In other news, I just saw Crazy Heart.  And I would try to review it, what with the music-heavy plot and all.  However, Ribs does it quite well over at his blog-do check out  And yes Ribs, I did see The Hurt Locker.  Didn’t like it.


Update supreme

April 26, 2010

Hey all!  Mucho apologies-o for the delay in blog postings.  Been busy as per usual.  But fear not, more insights into the mysteries of music are on the way, including in-depth looks at three of my favorite bands: Foo Fighters, Motion City Soundtrack and Mae.  And possibly others.  We’ll see.
In the meantime, do check out my YouTube channel, where I cater to my other hobby of wacky videos.

They’re not great, but hey, Jimmy crack corn.  And I don’t give a damn.
By the way, thoughts on the new Alkaline Trio disc?  Think This Addiction lives up to the high standards set by their previous work?

Time signature error (see, “Review: ‘Once'”)

April 16, 2010

So, after re-thinking it, it turns out I was wrong about the time signature for, “When Your Mind’s Made Up, ” a song from Once mentioned in my previous blog post.  It’s actually 5/4, unless I’m mistaken.  Do correct me if I’m wrong!

A quick note

March 29, 2010

It has occurred to me that I should be posting links to the music I blog about.  However, I don’t want to get caught up in some sort of copyright snafu, nor do I want to get embroiled in the whole anti-video embedding issue Damian from OK Go recently mentioned (by the way, they recently parted ways with their troubled label EMI), although a few videos have made their way onto my blog, such as, coincidentally, an OK Go video.

If you’re looking for the music I’ve been mentioning, your best bet would be to check out iTunes, YouTube (where you can usually find streaming versions of nearly every song you can think of), or, in the case of Semisonic, the $1.99 bin at Half Price Books (sorry Semisonic, you know I’ve got mad love for you).