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Random song post, Volume 10

June 16, 2010

Had a little extra time on my hands.  Reviewed a few extra songs.  Here ya go.

All Time Low – “Lost In Stereo” (Nothing Personal, Hopeless, 2009): Fun, exciting rock from a band that could very well be sliding into Fall Out Boy and blink182’s shoes at this very moment.  With similarities to most of Cartel and New Found Glory’s respective catalogs of music, it’s a solid entry into the pop/punk genre.

The Spill Canvas – “Our Song” (Realities EP, Sire, 2010): Despite a noticeable gap since their last full-length, South Dakota’s The Spill Canvas have managed to tide us over with the recent release of two EPs, Abnormalities and Realities, the latter of which boasts the single, “Our Song, ” easily the epitome of everything this band stands for when it comes to music and a fine representation of their sound.  Frontman Nick Thomas’ distinctive, somewhat aggressive voice drives the song, while the rest of the band follows along nicely with appropriate guitars and drums.

Weezer – “I’m Your Daddy” (Raditude, DGC/Interscope, 2009): On Weezer’s seventh full-length Raditude, these emo/powerpop pioneers took their already diverse musical history into yet another direction, best indicated on songs like the singles, “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To, ” and, “I’m Your Daddy.  ”  It’s the latter of the two songs that sees frontman Rivers Cuomo in prime shape, bringing back a voice not heard since most of the 90s and a band that seems to remember how they used to sound.  With a fantastic mix of drum machines, synthesizer, and Weezer’s trademark over-the-top guitars, “I’m Your Daddy, ” stands as a great example of how far Weezer has come, and what they’re still capable of.

Silversun Pickups – “The Royal We” (Swoon, Dangerbird, 2009): Awesome.  Just awesome.  Hard to believe such a thunderous sound (especially during the chorus) could come from a bunch of shoegazers like the Silversun Pickups.  Touches of string instruments add to the tension ever present throughout the song, and frontman Brian Aubert’s voice sounds just as good as ever.


Random song post, Volume 1

February 12, 2010

A few recently added songs to my iPod:

The Rocket Summer – “Walls” (Of Men And Angels, Island, 2010): Gorgeous.  The lyrics are a bit of a cliche’, but still a beautiful song.  Everything, from the gentle piano to the perfect drum groove, easily make this one of Bryce Avary’s finest.

30 Seconds To Mars – “Kings And Queens” (This Is War, Virgin/EMI, 2009): This is EXACTLY what Angels and Airwaves needs to be doing more of!  If any band can completely pull off the U2-style guitar, mixed with electronics, and some of the most epic choruses you’ll ever hear, it’s these guys.  The second Shannon Leto (Jared’s brother) hits those three flams at the beginning, it’s hard not to get excited.  Cool video, too.

Cartel – “The Perfect Mistake” (Cycles, Wind-Up, 2009): Whatever Cartel lost on 2007’s self-titled crapfest, this song proves they can get it back.  It’s an exciting, raw, “Say Anything Else, ” style rocker that could easily fit alongside any of Chroma’s tracks.  Want full time to half time transitions?  Want Will Pugh’s 2005-era voice back?  Want to be kicked in the face by amazingness?  This song has it all.

Songs I’d fogotten about, or overlooked, but now can’t stop listening to:

Farewell – “Devoid” (Run It Up The Flagpole, Epitaph, 2009): Fun, straightforward pop/rock.  A catchy chorus you can’t help but sing along to.  A transition from the bridge to the final refrain that will instantly pump you full of adrenaline.  Great song.

Incubus – “A Certain Shade Of Green” (S.C.I.E.N.C.E. , Immortal/Epic, 1997): Listening to this, one of Incubus’ earlier hits, you can easily hear their signature sound starting to evolve into what would define later albums like Make Yourself.  The agressive guitar, funky bass (especially in the bridge!  ) , and some of the more creative drum work of the nu-metal genre combine with Brandon Boyd’s disctinctive vocals for a thrilling rock ride you don’t ever want to end.