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Update supreme

April 26, 2010

Hey all!  Mucho apologies-o for the delay in blog postings.  Been busy as per usual.  But fear not, more insights into the mysteries of music are on the way, including in-depth looks at three of my favorite bands: Foo Fighters, Motion City Soundtrack and Mae.  And possibly others.  We’ll see.
In the meantime, do check out my YouTube channel, where I cater to my other hobby of wacky videos.

They’re not great, but hey, Jimmy crack corn.  And I don’t give a damn.
By the way, thoughts on the new Alkaline Trio disc?  Think This Addiction lives up to the high standards set by their previous work?


“My Dinosaur Life ” follow-up

March 31, 2010

Although I continue to stick by many of the comments I made in my first official blog post towards Motion City Soundtrack’s recently released My Dinosaur Life, I can’t deny how unbelievable the song, “Worker Bee, ” sounds in the following live videos:

Wow.  Talk about a song getting better when played live!

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of the new album, I must confess how much, “Pulp Fiction, ” has grown on me as of late.  It’s truly a superb song, with a welcome synthesizer part in the intro along with a bass sound that seems taken right from the Beastie Boys hit, “Sabotage, ” and Tony Thaxton’s usual dose of amazing drumming.  The chorus only improves on the greatness of the intro and verse, and helps to move things along.

Random song post, Volume 3

February 25, 2010

A few recently added songs to my iPod:

Ace Enders And A Million Different People – “Bittersweet Symphony” (2008): As guessed, this is a cover of the 1997 classic by The Verve (which itself borrowed heavily from an orchestral version of a Rolling Stones song).  However, in the hands of the uber-talented Ace Enders and a slew of guest artists (including Mark Hoppus, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth, Relient K’s Matt Thiessen and many more), this song captures the exuberance of the original while breathing new life into it at the same time.  Easily the finest cover you’ll ever hear of The Verve’s best song.

Death Cab for Cutie – “Cath…  ”   (Narrow Stairs, Atlantic/Barsuk, 2008): A bit of a departure from Narrow Stairs’ somewhat darker mood, “Cath…  ”   serves a reminder of good ol’ pre-O.  C.   Death Cab with it’s bouncy drums and quick, punchy guitar riffs.  The chorus is nothing short of classic Death Cab, and the lyrics, which revolve around a woman in love with a man who’s watching her own wedding ceremony, fit frontman Ben Gibbard’s voice perfectly.  When Gibbard utters, “Soon everybody will ask what became of you, ” during the chorus, the music instantly soars up to a level from which it never comes down.  A true Death Cab masterpiece.

Songs I’d forgotten about, or overlooked, but now can’t stop listening to:

Cheap Trick – “Dream Police” (Dream Police, Epic, 1979): A powerpop anthem that, along with groups like The Cars, would eventually influence modern-day powerpop artists like Motion City Soundtrack and Do You Feel-era Rocket Summer.  The greatest asset to “Dream Police, ” is the synthesizer, which drives the song, however Bun E.   Carlos’ drums have never sounded better and frontman Robin Zander’s voice successfully carries the unusual lyrics.  For a real treat, dig up a recording of the band performing live at Alpine Valley in 1982, which boasts an astounding version of, “Dream Police, ” that clocks in at just shy of eleven minutes.