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Lady Gaga vs. Ke$ha

June 4, 2010

What can I say? Both women seem to be cut from the same cloth in terms of image and musical style, and in all honesty I can’t get enough of ’em. There’s no denying the sheer excellence of Lady Gaga, an incredibly talented musician with a lot to offer in terms of voice and instrumental ability. Her vocals on, “Bad Romance, ” are a notable highlight, and when she teams up with the queen of all modern-day divas, Beyonce, on, “Telephone, ” her uncanny knack for blending catchy hooks with astounding vocals truly shines. Comparisons between her and Madonna have been made for some time now, yet I believe Gaga possesses more talent that Madonna did at the dawn of her career-I can only imagine what time would have shown us had Lady Gaga come first.

Ke$ha, while similar to Gaga in many ways, almost seems to represent something of a little sister to Gaga-although her music is lush with the synthy pop Gaga seems to favor on songs like, “Poker Face, ” and, “Just Dance, ” her lyrics are far more playful and fun, encompassing a persona that emits an overall lack of seriousness. “Dinosaur, ” is a great example of this, while, “Tik Tok, ” and, “Your Love Is My Drug, ” seem to demand we hit the dance floor, while Gaga would probably prefer we lounge around to her music whist sipping Cristal.

I hate to have to pick one over the other, as both have many individual talents to offer, so I’ll instead continue to sit back and enjoy the music. Keep up the great work ladies!