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Good Morning Internet

May 3, 2010

Again, my apologies for yet another blog posting delay.  Life gave me a lot of lemons last week and the process of making them into lemonade was exhausting.  I can, however, say that the lemonade is quite tasty and a drink I’m proud of.  Contact me if you have any desire to find out what that means.
Although I did promise some more music-centric posts on Foo Fighters and whatnot soon, I am going to be taking some time to work on a few documentaries for some friends of mine, which I’m quite excited about and am looking forward to getting online shortly.
In other news, I just saw Crazy Heart.  And I would try to review it, what with the music-heavy plot and all.  However, Ribs does it quite well over at his blog-do check out  And yes Ribs, I did see The Hurt Locker.  Didn’t like it.


Thanks Ribs!

February 20, 2010

Just wanted to extend a thank you to Kevin Boger/Ribs over at Ribs’ Ramblings ( for the shout-out.  As per his request, I’ll be taking a look at Matthew Shafer, a.k.a.  Uncle Kracker, best known for his 2001 summer anthem, “Follow Me, ” in the forseeable future.  The thing is, there’s far too much to say about this unrivaled musical genius, so where does one limit themselves?  Ah, choices…  🙂